Friday, June 11, 2010

Kings in Grass Castles

Carrying over from yesterday, I just love it when the dogs are lost in the grass and trees. Unfortunately taking photos of them in said foliage is a little difficult, and not only because they often blend almost completely into the background.  I dont' like fighting bushes and bugs for that perfect shot and often the light level in the woods is quite low so good photos are often blurry and useless.

Leeloo is not blurry and useless, Leeloo is sharp as a tack and naughty as hell. She is also threatening to come into heat just when I have entered Raimi in his first show in a year ... he will not eat, lose weight, look terrible and show worse. Thanks Leeloo.

Oh, there's The Boy. He looks pretty darn good right now but just you wait, in two weeks I'll be stuffing food down his gullet to try and keep the weight on. It's hard to tell but since he is in Stealth Mode but he is the perfect show weight and fit as a fiddle. 

This is Archer's Eating-Grass-So-I-Can-Barf-It-Up-While-Mommy-is-at-Work Mode.

Leeloo and Archer on their way to catch up with me, Raimi and Esme.  The grass here grows so fast it's hard to imagine just a few short weeks ago this was barely ankle height.

And of course Esme is soaking wet all the time. She spends her days in the laundry room getting dry. This new morning-walk arrangement suits me perfectly because by the time I get home she's dry and not getting her wet dog smell all over the furniture!

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