Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gulliver's Travels

On Monday Mungo came to visit. Mungo is from the Christmas litter so is a sibling to Karma, Zero and Rifka, dogs I have mentioned recently on the blog. Here are all my dogs and Mungo just after the initial introductions which included Leeloo's annoying and irritating "ROO! Roo! ROO!" Mungo is in the middle wearing the two black collars.

And here he is worrying the tar out of Archer who was the biggest sissy ever. Everytime Mungo got close to him he bolted, and then when Mungo's back was turned Archer'd get up real close to sniff him. Later that turned into something more ... intimate.

Here they come to save the DAY! Mungo is out front with Leeloo to the right and Archer to the left. Raimi is bringing up the rear with Esme right behind him.

Here's where things got a little ... worrisome. Or threesome I guess. Raimi's expression speaks of extreme discomfort and Archer's happy face is just a little disturbing. That would be Mungo in the middle of this ... event. We put a stop to this behaviour and while I did get a photo of the conga line from the side it's probably not appropriate blog fodder(children do see these photos). If you want to see the photo I am not brave enough to post, head over to Mungo's Blog, click on the June 1st entry and scroll to the bottom. Remember, Danielle is a vet so scenes like that probably don't disturb her or her children!

Here's Mungo's buddy Sean Pied Piping Leeloo down the path. They thought the noise of the little harmonica thing was just fascinating ... until it wasn't.

And a pack of tired dogs walking with Sean down the path into the sunset. It was great to see Mungo and his family again - Mungo looks great and is such a happy stable dog - a credit to his family and to his breeding (if I do say so myself). I read right along with everyone else about their adventures travelling to South America and am so happy they were able to make it all the way back up here to visit with me and the dogs. Happy trails you guys ...

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