Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art School Confidential

I am now dealing with a glut of photographs taken in the morning sunlight that are very hard to edit. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful location as a backdrop to the dogs. I've been thinking, lately, of creating a sort of Ridgeback Photographic Art Exhibit - remember that photographs are art and although they are now so easy to take ... that doesn't mean a good photo is the result! Not everyone can take a good photos, just check out Facebook albums. Of course, for every beautiful photo I take I have at least 3 or 4 discards that I simply delete and I am no Ansel Adams to be sure. One day soon I'll get a DSLR back in my hand and be able to show you what can be done with correct exposure, focus and a high quality lens. Until then though we must content ourselves with what my little Canon Elph can manage ... which, judging by the following, is not a tragic way to take a photo by any means.

Leeloo sniffing the lupines for which Nova Scotia is well known. These 'weeds' dot the ditches and fields of the province for about 3 weeks in June ... it's a intriguing splash of color anywhere you drive or walk.

Leeloo looks good in purple and sunlight.

What's this? Leeloo again? Well, yes, I can't seem to stop taking photos of her. She happily obliged by posing backlit to the morning sun in amongst the trunks - her beautiful white tipped legs echoing the long shadows of the trees.  

Sick of Leeloo? Never  - but who I can't leave out this ridiculous face. That bright mischievous eye never misses a trick.

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