Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

As mentioned yesterday I was at the schoolyard with the dogs to meet my neighbour who has a little German Shepherd mix puppy and I have suggested she let him off lead so he can burn off some of that crazy excessive puppy energy. While we waited at the park, after the dodgeball pole incident, I took some photos of the dogs being dogs. It is quite humid now with summer pretty well upon us and bucketloads of rain to boot so they get pretty hot pretty fast as evidenced by the matching tongues in this photo.

Raimi spent a lot of his time with his nose in the grass snorting up whatever lovely smells a school field has to offer. In a couple weeks he can put that sniffer to good use at a tracking seminar.

Esme's fluffy bum and tongue. She hasn't reached the 'buffalo' stage of Puli coat development and I'm keeping a close eye on it to try and prevent that often inevitable event.

Raimi loves to roll in the grass, it's his thing. He then looks at me with happy eyes and smiles and I can practically hear him say "Rub my tummy Mummy."

He then proceeds to lounge on the grass while the 'kids' run around like maniacs. For some reason I think this photo is dead cool although it seems to have erased his ridge! 

Eventually Max and his mom Agnes arrived and my dogs went batshit. They don't often meet another dog on their walks so the socialization is good for them as well as Max. He was pretty good, did the proper puppy roll when met by three adult dogs and everyone got along just fine.

He's actually a pretty cute dog, well behaved, listens to his mom and is a friendly little guy who will hopefully, with proper guidance, mature into a well behaved adult dog. His eyes are quite cool because they are blue but one of his pupils sort of 'bleeds' out of the centre of his eye. I had a close look and actually, that eye is both brown and blue (the brown is the lower half of the right eye) which gives the pupil the appearance of 'bleeding'. Even so ... it's still a bit freaky. He looks like he was knocked about the head and when his eyes went all googly they stayed that way!

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