Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Mist

I think I've mentioned how much I like to walk in the mist. It's a surreal experience sometimes, especially when you're walking next to a graveyard and through large fields.  Here is the graveyard with the Great White Jesus ... the cemetery is called Stella Maris and that white beacon (which is highly visible in the dark by the way) is called Stella Maris ... strange enough to be sure.

Raimi and Esme catch the scent of something in the grass but dare not venture any further. Try not to look too hard at the state of Esme's coat.

Fortunately here she is too far away for you to see the red sand embededed in her coat. It is unreal. I have to wash her when she gets home - she's not even allowed to touch the floor, I just carry her to the bathroom. I am devising a plastic coat to cut down on the amount of crap she picks up.

Archer stops to wait for his buddies to catch up. The mist shrouding the soccer field behind him is a bit eerie to be sure.

Leeloo heard, I believe the for the very first time, a duck quacking in the distance. It caused no small amount of consternation.

I will find that quacker!

Is it in here? This is the area where the grass and bush are about 10 feet deep and then stop at an 8 foot chainlink fence.

Archer also heard the duck and was quite sure it was Very Fascinating. Although, when you are young and life is a carnival ride ... everything is Very Fascinating!

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