Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Out to Malagash once again for a day of leisure with the dogs and to celebrate Father's Day a day early since tomorrow Raimi and I are headed out to a tracking seminar all day. It is hot. Hot hot hot. I took the dogs for a quick romp but after just a few minutes it was obvious they had no intention of doing anymore running about than absolutely necessary( ie; chattering of squirrels in woods).  Then it's high alert for about 15 seconds and perhaps a brief burst through the woods but it rarely bears any fruit.

Now that we've had a ton of rain followed by sunshine the greenery has exploded and covered everything in a thick mat of twisted weeds, little trees, grass, flowers and reeds. So tall in fact you could lose a Ridgeback ...

And even a Puli! Esme is actually jumping in this photo - otherwise all you'd be able to see is the top of her fuzzy little head.

This is the return trip from some imagined squirrel transgression in the Deep Dark Woods. You can see they are looking around for me because I'm hiding behind the lupines. Except Leeloo of course, she rarely cares where I am.

Remember the frogs and tadpoles from the other week? Well, they are all grown up and bright green! They do blend though I did manage to capture this frog peeking out between the grass.

Did I mention it was hot today? Archer's tongue thinks it was *very* hot.

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