Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

What do you do with a picky Boy? I don't know. Raimi won't eat kibble food anymore. I may have to resort to raw for him. I hate feeding raw. It's messy, you have to be careful about handling it, it doesn't travel well and it's just a plain pain in the ass. I fed raw years ago and one Unfortunate Incident put me off it for the long haul. That's a story for another day. Right now I am force feeding Raimi because he just will not eat kibble. He has a show in less than two weeks and he will start to lose weight and look terrible. Rollover? Yes. Candy? Yes. Potato skins? Yes. Kibble ... POISON!

In all respects Raimi is healthy, fit, and full of life with totally normal and regular, uh ... activities. He just won't eat kibble. I'm hoping it's just a phase but I suspect it was brought on by the bug they all had about 2 weeks ago and he now associates not feeling well with dog food. Great. I also put some of the issue down to anxiety about me working full time. It has had the greatest impact on Raimi and I think he is having a hard time coming to terms with it. There is nothing for it ... I must work and he must get used to it. Anyway, until I find a better solution he is being hand fed and at the very least he is getting a little extra attention as a result ... perhaps that is part of his master plan. Doesn't he look sad?

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