Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Goodbye Girl

Two years ago on April 9th I had to make the difficult decision to say good bye to my Precious Petal. She was with me through all of my 20's and although life had its ups and downs Petal was my constant.

People who have known me for a long time knew Petal was my shadow, she went everywhere with me. The photos on this post were taken by my then boyfriend, and now great friend, Philip. I believe Petal used to drive him crazy, and ultimately he knew she would always trump him in my life, but Petal adored him (she even barfed in his truck a few times to prove it) and I believe he became quite fond of her in spite of it all. However, Petal was mine and I was hers and that was something no man could tear asunder.

Shortly after she died I wrote a poem to commemorate her life, remind me of all the things she did that made me laugh, her funny habits and her silly ways - everything that made her Precious. I attempted, last year, to post the poem but Blogger wasn't having any of that, it just wouldn't format how I wanted it and rather than settle for less, I opted to omit the poem until this year. So here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Goodbye Petal

Goodbye to dancing glee
Goodbye to those black curls
Goodbye to being small
Goodbye my Precious girl.

Goodbye that corded tail
Goodbye that gimpy limb
Goodbye to happy sneezes
Goodbye time for a trim.

Goodbye impromptu Grandma
Goodbye red winter boots
Goodbye to cable sweaters
Goodbye to herding roots.

Goodbye to licking windows
Goodbye to car ride thrills
Goodbye to flower collar
Goodbye to mortal ills.

Goodbye to heart of mine
Goodbye forever girl
I see you still beside me
You see me still I'm sure.

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