Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keeping the Faith

Since I should be on my way to Maine today here's a post I wrote yesterday to satisfy the masses and their need for daily Dog Blog. Masses? Okay, maybe not. While I was writing this and yesterday's blog, Raimi the Faithful was lying behind me in my spare room. I just cleaned out the room the other day to make way for a futon I intend to put in there. Right now there's just a couple things in there and a lot of space with a carpet on the floor. Ample room for a big dog to stretch out while still being able to see his Mommy working on the computer. Sorry for the image quality - I have no idea why my camera was not behaving.

Archer, never one to allow anyone to get attention he thinks he deserves, had to horn in on the picture.

And then he had to horn in on the carpet and prove that he is 'faithful' too. How cute is this? And not even posed!

But ... where's Leeloo? Isn't she faithful? In a way - she's faithful to her morning nap in the sun. The cat, Ceilidh, is just faithful to napping in general.

And Esme? Why, she was too busy rifling through her toy box to pay any attention to what I was doing. She loves this toy box and can often be found in there chewing a bone or ripping up a photograph she found in the spare room under a trunk.

Ah my boys, a girl never feels alone with an adoring brown gaze to fill her heart.

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