Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Mama

Since Karma, in Alberta, is about 5 1/2 weeks into her pregnancy it's probably a good time to update on how she is doing. Well, there is *no* doubt this dog is pregnant. In fact, although this photo was taken only 5 days ago(which doesn't sound like a long time) she is even fatter now. I stole this photo from Karma's own blog which you can follow here: Charisma Ridgebacks

Her family is busy preparing for the impending explosion which, to my eye, looks to be at least a 9 on the puppy Richter Scale. Either she was several small ones or fewer large ones. It's hard to know what to wish for; if there are several small ones it's easier for her to deliver but takes more effort because there are more. If there are fewer large ones you run the risk of one getting stuck. As Karma's mom Adine has noted she'd rather her safely deliver and raise 8 or 9 than have 13 and lose 4 ... know what I mean? Plus a high number for a maiden bitch can be a bit overwhelming ...

Anyway, the thing that got me laughing was the final photo of Karma sleeping and it was so reminiscent of Halo that I had to post both for comparison.  Here's Halo sleeping on the couch two years ago when New Mom-To-Be Karma was just 12 days old.

And here's Karma just over half way through her pregnancy with her first litter. Momma Halo would be proud!

A cool thing I forgot to mention that we're doing with Karma is long distance mid-woofing. I'm 5000km away from Adine and can't actually be there to help her whelp, unless I flew out, so her husband Stephen came up with a simple solution ... webcam! When Karma looks imminent Adine will call and let me know to go online and we can hook up via Skype. I'll be able to see the litter being whelped and offer advice if necessary, there is not much I can do in person that I can't coach Adine through since it's less about skill and more a knowledge base I can offer. Adine will also have some reference guides at hand but asking me is quicker than flipping through a book when time can be of the essence. Adine saw Halo's last litter born and has some idea how whelping plays out so I will mostly be there as a coach and cheering section. Hopefully I can just sit back and watch an easy whelp occur.  Using a webcam is a simple effective solution. Man ... I love the internet!

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