Friday, April 30, 2010

Basket Case

Today was a walk in the rain. When we set out from my house it was more of a sprinkle, one of those soft spring showers with intermittent sunlight bursting forth every few minutes as the clouds scud across the sky. By the end of the walk it was umbrellas and sad faces on some wet dogs in a fairly drenching downpour! 

It was a chipmunk patrol day too. Leeloo is looking under every rock and bush for them now, a by-product of having seen one run across the path yesterday.
Once the area is secure it's down to business for Leeloo and Archer. It's not like squirrels or chipmunks are going to miss the noise these two create.
But you can count on Raimi to walk the perimeter and keep us all safe from marauding vermin anyway. He is so cute, he doesn't run and play anymore because in the woods ... you never know what's out there. He spends a good deal of his time standing and listening, standing and listening, standing and listening ...
Archer ready to spring into action on the picnic table, the better to dive bomb Leeloo from above. I'm not sure he knows she's right behind him ... let's not tell him and spoil his fun.  

When Leeloo was on the table Archer did his fly by technique wherein he races really fast toward the table and dekes around it to entice Leeloo to chase. See her smile 'I've got this' and usually she does.
And then they're off with a wet little Puli in hot pursuit. One day I'll actually catch a photo of her biting the hocks of the Ridgebacks ... it's adorable. Don't tell her I said that, she thinks she's a Super Tough Chick and that cutsie stuff is for Princesses. 
I don't really want her involved in this kind of play though, she is much too small to be able to handle a Ridgeback body slam!
Round and round the picnic table and BBQ pit - this little area is perfect to run them because the area is quite large, there's mature trees on the edge of the cleared area, the table, a lovely great maple tree in the middle, lots of flat grass and some longer grass on the edge. They had a wonderful time until it started to pour. We quickly leashed up (because Raimi was a little 'too' on the alert - I think I heard people talking and walking on a path further into the trees - can you IMAGINE  strolling along and this great oaf bursts out of the trees and runs toward you - heart attacks and hysteria - they wouldn't know he'd just want to lick them to death)
And this is the scene at my house after a walk in the woods. Comatose. Except for those bright little Puli eyes that do not miss a trick.


Kathryn said...

And just where do you plant your butt if they're all passed out on the couch? Are you still sitting on the floor?

The Boss Bitch said...

I have my own comfy chair! Although that get usurped when I'm on the computer ...