Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dungeons & Dragons

I used to play Dungeons & Dragons years ago with a bunch of guys. We'd sit around for hours and eat junk food, drink cola, make up characters, roll the dice and enjoy some good old fashioned adventures in imagination. One campaign lasted for months and would have continued had our DM not moved to Washington DC to pursue his career. Those adventures comprised some of the very best memories of my late 20's. To this day I have a soft spot for D&D - I still have my green D-20 and my little J'red character - somewhere someone still has my character pages. Anyway, whenever I see the dogs on a hilltop I think of 'advantage to high ground'.

This is the point in the adventure where our rag tag bunch had recently united with a common goal and over-taken Smuggler's Signal Hill in a deep cove on the treacherous coast of Nova Scotia.
Don't be fooled by her diminutive size and cutsie-pie appearance. She may only be a halfling Sorcerer but Esme is running this outfit. She barks sharp orders and takes no guff from any of these hooligans. 
Archer would be the chaotic but good Ranger who manages to get this bunch into some serious trouble sometimes. Because of his high intelligence though, he has also managed to get them out. He's handy to have around but on occassion Archer makes adventuring a little more exciting than it really needs to be. 
Leeloo is that Rogue Elf who just needs to go her own way sometimes and nothing will sway her decision. She is generally good but can, and has been, tempted by the fruits of Evil. Leeloo also has a plus one just for being a bitch.
Raimi is clearly the Lawful Good Fighter. He is not blessed with a lot of brains but if you need him in a pinch he comes in swinigin no quetions asked. He has a sense of humour but his timing is not always good. He gets a minus one for intelligence but his plus one for strength makes up for it. The group keep him around as 'the brawn' but often they just do not know what to do with him when there isn't a brawl.
As already demonstrated, my dogs are always ready for action so in a pinch, if you need some back up on your next campaign, drop us a line. 

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