Monday, April 19, 2010

Going in Style

Whenever you get a big win at a show you always want to get a photo done. So here's Leeloo's New Champion photo from yesterday. Doesn't she look darling? Let's not dwell on the fact I'm not smiling - it's the dog that has to look awesome and awesome is what Leeloo is at every moment. I never had a doubt she'd finish and rather hoped she could pull it off in style. Speaking of style, notice that the judge and I are both wearing purple? My doG ... can I plan a win or what? Fortunately purple goes beautifully with yellow flowers, a light wheaton dog and a Best of Winners ribbon - so much so that this photo almost seems designed. Strangely, I switched to the purple shirt at the last moment the morning of the show - I was going to wear a black shirt but it felt too funerial with the grey. I am a big believer that things happen the way they are supposed to, regardless of the event, and if fate says Leeloo was to finish this weekend who am I to argue?  

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