Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strange Wilderness

Today was a walk at the school yard again because of the recent tick incident with Leeloo. I'm a bit nervous about taking them into the woods in case they pick up any more. Ticks are pretty well harmless in regions where there is little risk of Lyme Disease - which thankfully this seems to be - but they are still gross.   Anyway, the point is we stuck to the clear cut lawns of the school. During the week I'll head to the beach where there are no ticks at all!

Raimi enjoying a lovely roll in the fresh spring grass. I love it when they do this.

And Leeloo copying him, well, she thought it was her own idea. Isn't she cute with her happy smile? She looks like she's laughing and in my opnion, she definitely is.  

This one is probably only something you could decpher if you knew the content. This is Esme leaping away from Raimi who is lying down on his back and making a grab at her. See it?
Esme ready to take on the world. I have been trying for ages to get that coat to expose properly in a photo, it typically under-exposes but I think I have finally succeeded. She looks like she might be having a conversation with the cloud ... reach for the sky Esme.
Raimi scenting the wind. I love the whisps of cloud, the soft blue sky, the rich green grass and the solitary moment of a dog who believes, for this instant, that he is one with the wind. I love dog dreams ... they are so simple.   

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