Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Band of Brothers

In case you want to follow Rory's hospitalization progress you can head over to Kathryn's blog Rory's Ramblings and there she is updating pretty frequently about his condition. He is improving each day but cause and cure are still a mystery. Here he is at just 5 weeks playing with a roll-a-treat ball ... they grow up so fast.

Over here on the east coast we have Rory's brothers who are rooting for him and hoping for a speedy recovery. That is Raimi in the back and Archer in front. Raimi and Rory are siblings but from different litters sired by the same dog - Raimi was born 9 months before Rory. Archer and Rory have the same dam but a different sire. This is what 2 years difference looks like! Archer has some maturing to do but he will actually never look like Raimi.
Raimi is quite heavy in bone and a little taller than he should be although he says he is just the right height for a Boy. He makes an impressive image ...
Archer will always be a little lighter in body, not as tall and the more 'correct' Ridgeback of the bunch. I'd give him another 2 years to mature into the dog he is meant to be. So when he is Raimi's age we'll get to see the end result! For now though I enjoy watching him excel at being a goofy puppy.

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