Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

Leeloo is met with a fence. It's a relatively simple fence to get through but she was perplexed by its gaps. She ran the line for a bit thinking about how she was going to get to the other side where Archer and Esme were spending their time exploring. Manipulating those long limbs through a fence can be a problem for a supermodel like Leeloo.

It's not elegant but it works. She squeezed her way through by folding up those stilts, scrabbling along the grass and shaking herself off on the other side like the previous 30 seconds of disjointed yoga positions never happened.

Whee! The Other Side of the Fence is the best place to be! I love her smile, I love her ears, I love her happy foot, I love the movement in this photo.

Hmmm. Now everyone is back on the other side of the fence and she is stuck. It's too low to crawl under (elegantly) and too high to jump(easily) because of the top rail. I do believe she is thinking at this point  that going under in the first place was not worth the Whee! But, a girl must do what a girl must do ...

See the concrentration on her face. This is a little more dignified than going the other way. She emerged unscathed from her belly crawl and carried on beating the crap out of Archer as if this, and other undignified moments, had never occurred.
Speaking of fences, I am currently replacing the bamboo on the west side of the yard section by section. Actually, I mean 'As Leeloo smashes it to get to the neighbour cats and systematically ruins it'. I'll cover that particular nightmare on my Wee Bonny New Scotland blog ...

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