Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hills Have Eyes

Somehow the sky in Nova Soctia seems closer than the sky in Alberta. Not sure why but I don't care ... look at these clouds .... well, okay, look at the fact that this photo looks like a painting and then note the clouds.

Archer stopped at the top of this little hillock thing by the ocean that is being eroded by the wind and water. The older this dog gets the more enamoured I become with him. He still has a way to go, as I continually say, but as each day, week and month passes he exceeds my expecations. There is nothing overdone about him, everything is just ... right.
Here is Raimi being difficult. I wanted a photo of him overlooking the edge of the hill but he was not cooperating. I called him over to stand above me and he tried to come *to* me. What a knob.
And here is he in all, well, most, of his glory.
And we couldn't possibly have a walk without this happening. I'm not sure why he insists on lolling about on the grass but he does this every single walk if there is grass to roll in. I like to call this photo 'Tilt, and the world tilts with you'.
Leeloo spent her time smashing Archer into the dirt for most of the walk but here is is demonstrating, up close, her lovely soft expression. Actually, I think she looks kind of dopey but no one is perfect, right Leeloo?
Here's Dopey banking off a mound of dirt in hot pursuit of Raimi. They love this hill, it offers so many avenues of fun like bushes, ups, downs, sticks, digging, boulders, grass, ample crosswinds, and ambushing.

Esme was not to be outdone by the Ridgeback romp. She was right in there most of the time giving me heart palpitations everytime a Ridgeback came close to punting her off the edge of the hill. The drop is not straight down and she'd likely just roll but let's face it ... I don't want that to happen either!She's pretty savvy these days about avoiding Ridgeback legs but I still like to keep a close eye on her. I'm pretty sure I'd get written out of a will if anything happened to her ...

In all it was a fun day at the beach. I'll post tomorrow the 'sniffy' photos. I will forever wonder what the heck it is they all simultaneously tune into.

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