Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home Sick

When your family is in trouble what do you do? You rally the troops and get the word out to try and help as much as you can. Surprisingly the Ridgeback community is pretty small. You wouldn't think that someone in BC would know someone in Florida but with the advent of things like Facebook distance is irrelevant. When there is a Ridgeback who needs help, an owner who needs advice, a problem that needs fixing ... the Ridgeback community is quick to assist.

Right now Rory, who is from Halo's second litter and was born Christmas Eve, is in the hospital trying to fight off something unknown. He was admitted with vomiting and lethargy but has now been diagnosed with possible kidney failure. Rory is his mom's own Boy; he is sweet, loving, adoring and irreplacable. Rory lost his own Ridgeback buddy Seth this past January at 11 years old and for his mom to now have to deal with this kind of worry is just the most unfair twist of fate.

If you have a Ridgeback, have a dog at all, or simple love of animals please send your warmest thoughts to Rory in Calgary for a speedy recovery - or at least a confirmed diagnosis so treatment can begin. He gets an ultra-sound tomorrow and while he is a little more perky with IV fluids and anti-biotics he is not out of the woods yet. All my best to Kathryn, Norm and Rory ...

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