Sunday, April 4, 2010

Under the Tuscan (Pictou) Sun

Sun worship is a pretty key element of being a Ridgeback. I have seen some interesting behaviour in the quest to soak up some rays. Leeloo loves the early sun and will follow its progression across the couch as the morning passes. Maybe she's cold blooded and needs to warm up her body temperature to start her day.

We usually start with her impatiently waiting for the sun to reach the couch so she can lie in it.

At last the sun beam covers enough of the couch for her to lie in. Aaaaah ...

Archer, rarely one to miss a trick, also gets in on a little sun action. Never mind there's a Leeloo in the way.

The sun moves across the couch to the right and leeloo follows it religiously, repositioning about every half hour or so. These are the last dredges of sunlight before it can no longer shine through that window.

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