Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It feels like every time I turn around it's a dog's birthday. And today is Halo's! She is 6 years old and looking every bit as fit and spry as a 2 year old but perhaps with a little more wisdom about her gaze.
She is enjoying a lovely retirement in Quebec with her new mom Pia who has taken excellent care of Halo and is happy to report that Halo has long since claimed her as her own. I think, more specifically, they have claimed each other.
I'm not sure what serendipitous luck or mechanisms of the Universe prevailed upon Pia to email me just as I was thinking "What am I going to do with Halo?".  Pia sent a two sentence email "I have just lost my Ridgeback. I am looking for a new dog 3 to 6 years old and am wondering if you have any older dogs available?" and the rest we now know as the best thing to happen to Halo ever.
It has been about 5 months now that Halo has been gone and the Ridgebacks here have moved on, although I know they would remember her if they saw her. Only two of them would be happy about it! Leeloo's opinion would start and stop at "She's not coming to live with us again is she?"

Halo is the proud mother of 5 Champion progeny with two more who have started their Championship point counts. She is also recently the grandmother to a litter of 9 out of Geddie and her daughter Karma is due (with incredible fatness) in just over 2 weeks. Halo's genetics come through in the beautiful temperament, soundness, type and health instilled in her offspring and there is little more gratifying than seeing a matriarch flourish in retirement while the youngters she helped produce go on to successful lives of their own.
The happiest of birthdays and hugs and kisses to Halo!! Thank you always to Pia ... I hope she gets the Grade A Sirloin tonight!

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