Friday, April 9, 2010

In the Cut

I did get home yesterday but was too tired after work to write so I'll make this extra long today. Maine was just like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick only with more trees, if that's possible. On the upside I saw a moose, two deer, a wild turkey(my first), a crab crossing the street in Amherst at 10pm at night(nearly ran it over but fortunately it was in the middle of my lane)and there were lots of little frogs on the move across the Sunrise Trail, well, some were moving, others were ... not.

I took the dogs for a romp yesterday morning around my parent's property where we enjoyed the early sun and listened to all the twitter-pated birds. Raimi has discovered the joys of robins. He can see them in the distance on the fields and does not realize that if he chases them they will just fly away. I have to keep a very close eye on him now because he tends to just go crashing into the bushes when he loses sight of them. Here he is spotting 'something' and what you can't hear is me telling him "NO ... NO ... NO ..."

And this is him ignoring me.

He is headed toward the clear cut that was done last year on the neighbour property. Not sure where they are going with it but as you will see it's not pretty. Here the dogs are gathered around a lone tree that was not cut down. I'm not sure why this tree was spared, I'm not even sure it's still alive, but in the middle of a field of tree limbs and trunks it stands alone.

Here's a better photo of it with Raimi among the carnage. If it is alive it is one lucky tree. If it's not ... why leave it there?

Archer with Esme using him as an umbrella - she navigated the mine field of branches with aplomb - she loves adventure!

And Archer and Leeloo stopping for a moment to gaze into the distance, which they can do now without all those pesky trees in the way.

Since they'd never been across to this area it held all kinds of interest for them.

Darling Archer looking most dapper with a sad sort of backdrop. Seeing trees like this is depressing in a way although I know there are millions more and, if left to recover, this area will repopulate quite quickly. My mom said she felt bad for all the returning birds who will expect to find their favorite nesting spot gone, not to mention all the animals who had to move house or get killed during the felling process.

Once we got back to the 'groomed' acreage my parents own all bets were off and the dogs had a wonderful run, including Esme who is getting better at keeping up.

Loudmouth Leeloo showing off again.

It is possibly at this moment that Leeloo picks up her very first tick. Thankfully Ridgebacks show every little mark so I spotted it about a half hour later on her side and with my Dad's help was able to remove it relatively easily. Everyone else got inspected but passed with all clears.

Archer and Leeloo before we call it quits for the morning, they stood a moment knowing we were ending our play session, this is the calm before the storm.

I love this one of Archer, he is backlit but you can see detail in the shadows on his face and body. He is such a gentle soul and I think that comes across in this photo ... there is nothing 'harsh' about him.

Except when he's is pile-driving Leeloo into the grass.

She gets her own back though ... don't you worry.

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