Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Simple Plan

It may come as a surprise but showing dogs can be kind of a pain in the ass. Not the experience of it (well some days ...) and not the preparation or the planning it takes to get to the ring. It's more the balances of do I or don't I enter certain shows, which dogs to enter, what the anticipated outcome of each show might be, what shows can I afford, day tripping one show versus overnight stays at another, having enough handlers if you win and all your dogs have to go back into the ring ... all no small consideration when you are planning your show year.

So here's me, with Archer on one point(which still tickles me I have to say), and Leeloo on 6. Now, this weekend there is a show and while I believe my dogs are nice and could win there is no guarantee of points. So I have entered only Leeloo in a show in a month knowing that someone else with a class bitch has also entered. My entry for that show *just* got in on time.

Now, stay with me here ... sometimes, in areas where the population is low, clubs will hold 'limited entry' shows. Rules state that judges are not to judge more than 175 in the course of one day, that's about 9 hours of judging. So clubs who hold limited entry shows have one judge for the entire show that day and a limit of 175 entries under that judge. Because it's hard to make money with only 175 dog entry (and I can see anyone from the US laughing their asses off at the thought of a 175 dog show but they are quite common in The Great White North - we *are* only about a 10th of your entire population you know) there are usually two shows in one day running simultaneously - this can get interesting if you're a pro handler. Anyway, these shows, once they reach 175 dogs, regardless of when the posted closing date actually is, will close and no more entries are accepted. It's first come first served.

So there's me, with a clear 3 weeks prior to the closing date of the Dartmouth show thinking I have plenty of time ... not so. Apparently my entry got in just under the wire. So ... phew. Now, the next show, Amherst, is the week after Dartmouth and therein lies the dilemma. Because Leeloo, on 6 points, and her buddy Pearl, on 7, are likely the only class entries there is only one point available to each of them so either neither dog can finish, one can or the other can but that dog has to win every time. That almost never ever happens.

So what does a girl do? I can assume Leeloo will win everyday and not enter Amherst which means Murphy's Law will kick in and she'll lose in Dartmouth every time and I'll have wasted a chance in Amherst. Or I can just spend the money and enter both Archer and Leeloo in Amherst (because Pearl's not going to that show and I would need Archer as the other class entry) and if Leeloo finishes in Dartmouth I can take her to Amherst anyway and get 'safety' points - they certainly can't hurt. Or Archer will just beat her and get some points himself in which case I win regardless. I am assuming of course that I am the only class entry in Amherst since no one else seems to be going. Lord knows Archer could use the experience!

Anyway, this weekend coming up should be interesting since Murphy's Law is in full swing these days and what happens if I send off all these entries and Leeloo finishes this weekend? Oh lord ... as if.

Anyway, Amherst should be a three ring circus since I also entered Raimi as a special for a little fun and lovin' with My Boy and with Archer and Leeloo, perhaps as the only class entries, my parents are going to have to take them in for Best of Winners. Hee hee. All my years of showing their dogs for them is really paying off now! 

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