Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Edge

Just about 8 km down the road there is a provincial park that we walk at sometimes when the long trek to the beach is just not in the cards. This park is one of those picnic area, camping spot places which is maintainted by the provincial goverenment and in June it opens to the public. For now though, if you want to walk your dogs there, you have to park outside the gates and walk in on foot. It does say dogs must be on leash but since we are the only people there I figure 'no harm no foul'. Here they are on one of the roads in the park and headed toward the grassy area.
Here's the ocean. Ta da! Okay, not quite, there's a fence, a 30 foot straight drop to the beach and then the ocean. That lump of land in the distance is Pictou Island and beyond that is PEI.
Well, someone is certainly happy to be running on the grass! Archer bounds through life with total abandon!
Here he is exploring the drop off at the edge of the cliff, well, I use the word 'cliff' liberally since it's just a very steep sandy slope.
Leeloo has not let her new championship go to her head, she still hunts for deer poop and rolls in gross smelly things just as always. She and Archer took their chances on the edge.
Archer contemplates the future ... does it hold a Championship for him?
Esme was all over the cliffs as well but since she is Very Small I wasn't as concerned about her going over the edge. She mostly kept to the safety of the groomed lawns and spent her time exploring and chasing Ridgebacks. In this photo she is heading down the fenceline ... can you tell?
It's so hard to tell what direction a Puli is facing ... unless you catch a glimpse if that telltale tongue!

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