Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fly Away Home

Today is a day of great news. Rory got to go home and I hear the first thing he did was head for the food dish! Ah Ridgebacks ... so predictable.

Rory is deeply loved by his mom Kathryn who has owned Ridgebacks for years so she is no stranger to their habits, foibles and idiosyncrasies. We have wracked our brains, thought of various scenarios, imagined all kinds of sinister plots and come up almost nothing to account for this sudden and almost fatal illness. I imagine Kathryn will never know what the catalyst was and therefore cannot be prepared to avoid it in the future. So frustrating.

In the end Rory is alive, blissfully happy to be home and on his way to what we hope is a full recovery. It speaks volumes for his condition prior to the illness that he pulled through and is improving so quickly. Although, Halo and his sire Travis would certainly just put it down to good genes.

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Kathryn said...

I'll tell ya what I do know. :) He isn't even going out by himself to pee. I've gone from standing in my usual spot at the back door and tapping my foot, to hovering a respectful 5 feet away while he does his business. Much to his embarrassment. Oh well, he'll get used to it.