Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflections in a Golden Eye

We are still waiting to see if Rory's condition improves or worsens, at this point there is not yet a diagnosis but his major problem right now seems to be gradual renal failure. His mom is taking in all the information that concerned induviduals can gather and is relaying it to her vet. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send their best wishes and to offer suggestions as to cause.

As for my bunch they are happy, healthy and comatose. We spent the morning putting out laundry, painting and cleaning and then headed off to the beach.

Archer has come into his own in a big way. You may recall a few weeks ago I went on and on about how much I love this puppy(although he is technically not a puppy anymore since he turned one year).  It seems like in the last couple weeks he's suddenly started to mature in subtle ways. I love the way the dark clouds part over his head as if to highlight the form of the dog beneath them.
When we go to the beach it's best to take photos of Esme at the beginning of the walk because by the end of the walk she looks like a ragamuffin. In fact, it only takes to the end of this boardwalk for her to get dirty.
These two are best buds. They spend a lot of time together, mostly because they are the most playful of the four. If you are looking for Esme locate Archer and vice versa.
Sometimes a beautiful seaside photograph can be improved by the simple addition of a gorgeous dog.  
Esme does her own part to improve the scenery. It's hard to tell but this is one kick ass Puli. Her coat is growing like crazy and is bunching into baby cords already.
There were other dogs on the walk besides Archer and Esme. Raimi and Leeloo spent a lot of time sniffing the wind and enjoying playing in the sand but they weren't as photogenic today as Archer.
Although, I was concentrating him quite a bit because he seemed to be channeling inspiring poses.  Those oversized ears mean his head will fill out a lot more ... but not as much as Raimi ... thank doG!
Leeloo still suffers from the inability to pose like the show girl I know she is. She has better things to worry about like eating seaweed, chewing driftwood, rolling in the sand and chasing the boys.
Way down the beach and out of sight on the other side of the hill Raimi heard and smelled, against the wind, a family of three collecting sand and shells. Yes ... this Boy will do just fine at tracking.
When at the beach we always come across interesting things on the shore. Shells, snails, rocks, seaweed, wood, garbage, and occasionally sea urchins. Wait ... no. That's Esme.
What's this? Leeloo is being attacked by a sea urchin! Noooo Leeloo! How cute are they? Leeloo looks like she is saying "OOF!" And you can see Esme is wet and covered in sand ... Archer kept rolling her. Sigh. Must stop that behaviour or else sand will grow into her cords ... can't have that.

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