Friday, April 16, 2010

Blind Faith

What is in this field? Besides Archer ...
Off to the left there, which is east toward the ocean, the dogs at this point were struck with a scent while walking along the boardwalk on the way back to the truck.
Something was blowing it's scent towards them on the light wind that drifted steadily across the fields. Even Esme, who spends most of her time tackling Ridgeback hocks, was taken with the storied winds.
It can strike a person as a little creepy when they all become hypnotized by what seems to be absolutely nothing.  Even Leeloo, who was on a Ground Scent Sniffing Mission(Operation: Deer Poop) on the other side of the boardwalk, turned to catch the breeze.
Raimi is a great Stand & Thinker with his nose all a-twitch. I cannot imagine what he's thinking about given his history, but since all his little nuerons are probably firing at once it's probably safest he stand in one spot.
This behaviour makes me nervous since I can't see whatever it is and they can, in a manner of speaking. So if they suddenly bolt after it I'm flying blind unless I actually spot whatever it is. Not that it matters what it is since they are about 100 times faster than me and can bushwhack at top speed.  It's at this point that Archer spots what he thinks is 'The Thing' and what I knew to be ducks taking off from a pond about 200 feet away. He and Leeloo bolted into the bush and grass, got to the edge of the pond, predictably stopped in horror, and then made their way back, but not before Leeloo sampled some deer poop. The photo below is Raimi and Esme watching the two idiots smash their way toward the pond and deciding against following. Good call kids.

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