Monday, August 1, 2011


Now I have so many photos I don't know where to start. I think I'll spread them over a few days and then take some new ones on Friday since that is the last day they'll all be here together. In my backyard there is a large concrete pad which to some people might be a draw back but for a breed like the Ridgeback it's perfect because it means if the grass is wet they can just poop and peep on the concrete and not have to walk in wet grass. Also ... less to mow. Shelby thinks it's ideal for getting up some speed.

I didn't intend to take a photo like this of Shelby but it demonstrates why Shelby is the perfect name for her ... small and fast and ultra awesome. She's the real Ford Mustang Shelby ...

Zayi also took advantage of the larger space to run. She is so funny, she likes to boing-run with great leaps of joy up ... a lot like her grandma Halo and her Uncle Archer.

Franco is a more dignified runner. He's usually in control of where his legs are going. The larger he gets the less this will be the case and there will be a few months when he is going to be so uncoordinated it will seem like his legs belong to 4 different dogs.

Cash is just like his namesake Johnny - cool as a cucumber. He saunters around like he owns the joint. If you're looking for him just find the cat, chances are he's right on her butt.

Darling Cora seems to think she's special. She is always the first to me for cuddles (if Shelby isn't paying attention) and she seems to look at me more than the others. This could be because I'm looking at her a lot too!

Cisco trots around keeping busy and out from underfoot. Could be he's staying under the radar because he's carrying a rock in his mouth he knows he shouldn't have. Puppies will pick up anything! Definitely make note of that!

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