Monday, August 15, 2011

Nim's Island

Back from Prince Edward Island where Immerzu Pulis can brag some pretty significant wins. Esme was competing against her Dad Holmes who won breed on Saturday morning and he went on to place fourth in the Herding group. In the afternoon Esme beat her Dad and then went on to win a third in the Herding group! Esme is a little light of joy to show and never puts a foot wrong - at only 20 months I didn't expect her to win everything but she needs the practice and I am very impressed with her potential. On Sunday her Dad won both times and got a group third in the afternoon. Roxie, who is 9 year old, was also competing in the Veteran class and on Sunday afternoon, much to our delight, she won Best Veteran in Show! Roxie doesn't love the ring but turned it on for the last show of the weekend and since it is likely to be her last show entry this is an especially significant win. She is a very sweet girl who appreciated the liver I cooked up for the weekend!

Little Shelby also headed to her new home this weekend. Her new family has a cottage on the Island so we arranged to meet so she could be picked up at the motel. She barely missed a beat and headed off to her new life with Sydney (far left) who was so excited she decorated Shelby's crate with stickers, flowers and Shelby's name. I have a feeling Shelby won't be in that crate much!

The rest of the puppies and the adult dogs had a good time at the show and on the show grounds which were right on the coast of the Island in Cavendish - the inspriation for the location of Anne of Green Gables and the author's birth and resting place. From the show grounds you could see out across the ocean ... any better venue? I think not. I'll have photos from the weekend over the next few days ... there are lots!

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