Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I was searching through photos from the PEI weekend of Zayi I realised I didn't have any of her on her own. She is such a busy little bug it's hard to get her in a photo by herself where she's just standing still and not tackling or chasing anyone. So, in place of wrestling photos, which are to come, I thought I'd share some from just the other day in the garden. All the puppies have an obsession with the pumpkin plant which is creeping across the garden, it's like a jungle in there!

I had a split second to catch this photo of her standing on The Daddy Boy before she was off to vanquish another dragon. She has a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, once one foe has fallen she is off to the next.

My peas took a beating along with the pumpkin, fortunately the peas are done their season and it's just the stalks that are taking the brunt of the puppy attention. It's a rough go for a garden with Ridgeback puppies at large. This is one of the only photos you'll catch of Zayi lying down ... usually it's full speed ahead for her! Oddly enough she is actually quite easy to live with despite this constant movement because her temperament is very soft and sweet, she's not challenging, just busy. She will make a great adventurer!

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