Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Led Zeppelin

The sixth puppy to go was Cisco - once he got home his name was changed to Zeppelin which suits him very well given his size! He's a Leeloo clone from when she was 8 weeks old but he has his Daddy's earset ... phew. He was the largest puppy by a couple pounds, probably pushing 18 by now, he was 16 last Thursday. He comes by it honestly!

He is going to live in northern New Brunswick where French is heard as often, or more often, than English. I hear he was a star on the 6 hour trip up north and made it safely to his new home without any trouble. I didn't expect anything else, all the puppies are travelling well and settling in to their new lives right away. It's gratifying to know that not only did Leeloo and Raimi produce sound, stable puppies, but also that I did my job in preparing them so they could integrate seamlessly into their new lives.

Zeppelin also has his own binkie just like his Mommy and he loves it just as much. He's even got a tribute to his Momma's ears in this photo. I am sure Zep will follow his siblings example and settle right into his new home just as easily. I love to hear how they are all doing, it's so gratifying ... seeing a happy relaxed puppy like this makes all the poop and pee and lack of sleep worth it.

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manthy said...

Nice pictures, he is so cute.