Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Island

Life is slowly returning to normal except preparations for a dog show on Prince Edward Island this weekend. A friend at work thinks I'm crazy for taking 4 puppies and 3 adult dogs on a road trip but for me it's just in the normal course of things. One puppy, Shelby, is meeting up her new family this weekend. They have a cottage on PEI and made arrangements to be there the same time I am so they can pick her up and take her home with them to Ontario. Shelby is a little marvel and I know she'll add a lot of excitement to their lives.

Only Esme is entered in the show this weekend, I decided it would be too much stress to be preparing more than one dog - Esme is quite enough grooming and bathing after having dogs with almost no hair. I wanted to attend this show for a weekend away after the litter. It's nice to get out of the house once in a while!

I'm not sure if the motel has wireless but I'll try to post over the weekend. If there are no posts it means I don't have internet access but I'll post updates on Sunday or Monday. Here's hoping for good weather and hopefully Esme remembers what she's supposed to do ... her competition this weekend is her dad, she has beaten him in the past so we'll see if she can do it again. Up early so off to bed! Esme needs her beauty rest!

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