Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daddy Dearest

Each day I am taking the dogs out for a walk and I alternate which puppies come with me because I can't manage all 6 together, particulary since 2 of them actually belong to other people. Can't risk losing one! So one day at a time Cora, Zayi and Gotham join me on our walks. So far they are taking it all in stride, nothing seems to really phase these puppies and if something unexpected happens they just stop, think and seem to say 'Huh, wonder what that is." Take the lawnmower for example, first time I turned it on they just stood and stared at it and then went about their business. Awesome.

Anyway, today I'm going to highlight time with Dad. All three puppies now have a healthy respect for their mom to the point where they no longer invite her to play because she is a) scary b) makes no provisions for size or experience c) plays dirty d) is mean and e) roars a lot. Daddy Boy plays nice, never squashes them, never uses sharp teeth, is very patient, and doesn't chase them when they are done playing (ahem, Leeloo).  Here's Cora and her Daddy taking a break - it was a hot hot day and Boy was feeling the heat. Well, everyone was.

Zayi stopped to say Hello Daddy Boy! I'm not sure he even knew she was there. She was trying to give him a kiss on the chin ... such a Daddy's Girl. 

And Gotham was so cute on the walk. He had to copy almost everything Boy did unless it involved racing at high speed through the woods. Drinking from a filthy mud puddle will always be an acceptable bonding method. The photo is a little dark since the sun was going down but you get the idea. Daddies are important and these puppies know it's true.

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Steven and Kimberly said...

That was quite possibly the sweetest post ever!