Friday, August 19, 2011

The Clone Wars

Gotham is turning into a clone of his Daddy but with his Mommy's ears. Although I am frequently derisive about Leeloo's ears I will admit to loving them just as much as any other part of her since they make her who she is. However, in this litter Gotham is the only puppy who ended up with them which I am thankful for mostly because although I love Leeloo's ears on Leeloo, I do not want to perpetuate them!

They are awfully cute when the sun shines through them though. He was in stalking mode at this point and given his size and weight he is a force despite almost no coordination! He's also not that fast but he makes up for lack of speed in brawn. In about 2 years, when he has a handle on those giant feet, he will be as agile and quick as his Daddy Boy.

He is all wide at this stage and will likely stay that way. No weedy body for this kid. He comes by it honestly as anyone who's met his Dad can attest. Isn't he a handsome little poser?

For comparison I was looking at some photos of Raimi when he was about 3 months old - so about 2 weeks older than Gotham is now. Despite the earset being different we can certainly tell where Gotham is headed. Nothing bad in that is there Boy?

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