Friday, August 5, 2011

Mother May I

This past week Leeloo was finally able to go back with the puppies since most of her milk has dried up. I put a t-shirt on her so that they were less able to eat and eventually they gave up. She would move away when they tried to nurse anyway but it's just less hassle for her if they are not constantly hanging off her boobies. Besides ... she has been dying to PLAY with them.

She spotted Luke a little way off and thought he was perfect stalking material. He got a little worried and well he should. Leeloo is a relentless player.

She made her move and Luke never knew what hit him. Once she got him rolled over (they aren't fun anymore once you get them down) she moved on to another puppy. Imagine her delight when each puppy presented itself for a leg gnaw and a poke and then rolled over ... times ten. Winnah! She is going to love when they get bigger!

Yesterday was also shots day so everyone is up to date and ready to roll. Almost. Tomorrow is last evaluations, photos and microchipping and then they start to leave with Delta being picked up first ... can't wait for photos of them all in their new homes!  

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