Monday, August 22, 2011


I do have photos from last weekend of the puppies but they are so outdated now it seems strange to post them. They don't look like this anymore. Now they are at least a few pounds heavier than they were, their feet are outsized and they seem to have no control over where their feet go. I would put Gotham at around 27 to 30 pounds and he is easily eating almost 5 cups a day. He is heavier than Esme and is busy muscling his sisters out of the food dish so everyone is separated for meals. No more shared dishes since he is a little growler(must curb that) and also so I can keep tabs on how much everyone is eating.

Although Gotham is a Big Boy he is still a baby. It's hard to remember that even though the puppies are larger than a lot of grown breeds, they are still barely 10 weeks old. Leeloo sometimes forgets how young they are and wants to play hard. She is a 'go big or go home' kind of gal and she doesn't pull her punches. When she has a bee in her bonnet and needs a race around she gets careless and as we know it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Or gets crashed into by their Mother. This photo was taken a few days ago when Leeloo had a 'silly' in the garden. She is leaping over my pumpkin plant (which has taken over) and the expression of joy on her face is obvious. Poor Gotham never knew what hit him. There was lots of screaming and tears but he recovered in a moment or two. Leeloo had the decency to look contrite but it won't stop her from not looking before she leaps in the future.

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