Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Matters

Since the puppies have been gone almost 3 weeks I thought I should update a bit on how they are doing in their new homes. I don't have one of Shelby but I'm sure it's on its way. Here's Cash  who lives just a couple hours from here and he looks suitably spoiled. And well deserved I'm sure. Apparently he likes to cuddle and snuggle quite a bit.

And little, 'little' being relative at this point, Delta will soon be complaining that her bed is shrinking. It's amazing how fast these guys grow. Already I suspect she is near to her best bud Emily's weight and she will soon exceed that. Size doesn't discriminate for snuggles though ... and Delta loooooves to snuggle with her Dad.

So far this is the most insane photo I've gotten from a puppy home (besides the one of Odin standing on a table he jumped onto). This is Franco and he lives in The Valley and has his new mom and dad wrapped right around his paw. Hope he doesn't try this when he's the Daddy Boy's size!  From snuggling on his Dad's lap to relaxing on the computer desk ... nope, not spoiled at all.

Jax is enjoying the sun in Newfoundland, from what I hear it's finally arrived on The Rock. Maybe Jax brought it with him? When Jax isn't chillaxin' on the grass he's busy getting lots of snuggles and cuddles with Claire and Natasha.

Apparently Luke is the sunshine in his new BFF Dallas' life. He loves to snuggle with her and I think her watchful him is saying that this is her buddy and to let sleeping puppies lie.

Zeppelin, Cisco as was, is such a good boy he put himself to bed. He's enjoying the good life up in New Brunswick and growing like a weed I see. I'm sure, given the snuggle capacity of his siblings, he is also very good at cuddles. I would say of all the puppies the most consistent comment is how much they all love to snuggle and cuddle and how stable they are when they meet new people, places and dogs. They have all been camping, to the cottage, met other dogs, other animals, explored parks, and walking trails and not one has failed to rise to the occasion. I could not be prouder of this little bunch of babies and their new people. Keep up the great work!

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