Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Wrestler

The puppies have discovered, along with running, that wrestling is pretty darn fun too and it's way better when there's tackling involved. Luke got schooled by Jax but I'm pretty sure he got his own back at some point, there was a lot of rolling and teeth gnashing.

Cora better start paying closer attention, especially when you have Zayi incoming. There's no rest for the wicked as they say. Zayi is staying for a bit so Cora will learn!

This was a sequence of wrestling with Franco and Jax. Jax had Franco's neck in a death grip and wasn't about to let go.

I love the innocent "What?" expression. Not so innocent since Franco's ribbon is in Jax' mouth as evidence. When I first saw this photo I had to think about which head belonged to which puppy.

The running tackle. Oh so popular among Ridgebacks. Body slams are a favorite with this breed especially when they are playing with another Ridgeback they know quite well. It's nice to see such a distinct breed trait coming out early. Not so nice when Shelby over extended herself in her play time and barfed up her dinner. Not to worry, all the other puppies rushed over to clean it up for her. Dogs. = Awesome.

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