Thursday, August 18, 2011


The last couple days I have been remiss in getting a blog entry done. I feel like my time is not my own, even more so now for some reason although the puppies are almost all gone. As promised photos of the puppies on Prince Edward Island although I think I'll post each puppy separately and then some of them playing together over the next few days.  There were far too many to choose from ... I'll start with Cora since she is my little dream girl.

Everything about Cora is amazing to me. She is smart, fun, sensible, calm, humorous and has indefinable things about her that say 'Raimi' and other things that say 'Leeloo'. She is the perfect combination of the two and with her Daddy's big bone and her Mommy's ultra-feminine face I can't help but just love looking at her. Conformationally she is still a puppy so it's hard to compliment or criticize ... all those things will come with time and the show ring is where we'll lay our money down. For now she gets to be a puppy with her shadow.  

We've already started practicing with a soft show lead but only a minute or two at at time - some self-stacking and baiting and she is a super natural at it. She likes to pose, unlike her mother, and can be caught just standing(or sitting) and looking into the distance with those darling ears and gorgeous soft eyes.  In the background is the New Glasgow River by the motel we were at and behind it is a working farm ... lovely backdrop for a lovely girl.

Her ridge ain't so bad either! My apologies to the tilted farm, I took the photo without looking ...

She is also quite a card. She discovered the door stop in the motel room and nothing would satisfy until she had boinged it quite a few times and barked and play bowed to it. It obliged by making it's BOING noise everytime she grabbed it.

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