Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sock Puppet

Once the puppies start to wind down after an hour or so of play they retire to the dog bed in the kitchen and play quietly there as each puppy gradually falls asleep. Usually the last to go down are Shelby and Luke! Last night they discovered that most amazing of all dog toys ... one of my socks. I just don't know what it is about socks but they are the most favorite toy of puppies. Their mother liked to eat them when she was a puppy but fortunately outgrew that. Their Uncle Rory did not and will still take advantage of a loose sock should it venture out alone ... and he's 3 and a half! Delta happened upon this sock and it was much coveted for a long time.

I think her expression says "You can look at my sock but you can't have it." That's Zayi in the back there, never far from the camera that one! She's such a ham.

Cora spotted the sock and thought it would be better if she looked after it. Delta had other ideas and the age old struggle ensued ... a puppy tug-of-war.

Zayi still thought I was looking at her and didn't notice the battle of wills at her feet," Take my picture!" She is like a gnat that won't quit.

Finally, the sock is won! Delta laid back and had a bit of a cuddle with her spoils. She is going to live with a family with a little girl ... I bet she'll have access to all the socks she can dream of!

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