Sunday, August 28, 2011

Empty Nest

I had a whole bunch of photos from last weekend that I never got around to posting but now they are a week old and the puppies don't even look the same anymore. It's crazy how fast they grow and you don't even really notice. But in all the puppy excitement we tend to forget where they came from. Boy and Leeloo have largely recovered from their virgin experience as parents and are now living as almost empty nesters. We took a walk today while the puppies napped, it was hot and muggy and the big dogs needed a romp where they didn't have to babysit. Me too for that matter.  Boy on his way to the school yard ... he knows exactly where we're headed.

And he turns on the afterburners as soon as his feet hit manicured grass. He loves this field and loves to show off. Good thing Esme does too - look at her go. Leeloo was off to the right rolling in something dead no doubt.

Esme taking a breather. What spunky little monster. Check out her coat - those are real cords making an appearance at last.

Leeloo in for the play bow, Esme goading her from the rear, Boy ready to tackle. He's very familiar with what Leeloo has to offer.

Ridgebacks play hard, especially with each other and most particularly with dogs they are live with or are familiar with. When I say play hard, well ... it's hard to describe unless you see it.  

Leeloo making a leap and Raimi doing his best body slam while she's in the air. It was an impressive move on both their parts. That's his foot on the other side of her lifting her up.

And Leeloo showing off how amazing she looks for having just raised and weaned a litter of 10 only 5 weeks ago. She is fit, sound and ready for anything.

Like taking on a 110lb Boy. She had him down in less than a minute and he was not getting up without her say so. She's kicking butt and taking names. In case you can't tell those are his feet around her neck, her ear in his mouth and Esme is making a grab at his hock. Poor Boy doesn't stand a chance. Good thing the puppies weren't with us, the kids don't need to see this ...

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