Thursday, August 4, 2011

Father Knows Best

Daddy Boy hasn't had much of a mention of late. He's been relegated to the livingroom when the puppies are out because he's Mr Grumpy Pants. Finally, now that they are a little bigger, they can learn from him what it means when a dog says NO. Cash learned to approach with caution and reverence for the Great Daddy Boy.

Zayi, who seems to be in every photo, decided to be brave and help Daddy Boy look for the cat under the shed. I like to do stuff with my Daddy too Zayi.

What happens when your Daddy goes GRRRRRAWR? You fall over dead on your back or sink into the grass and try to disappear.

Daddy Boy is hiding behind the bush. We can still see you Daddy!

And eventually he gives in to the puppy love. He got mobbed by Luke, Cash, Jax and Zayi and stayed down for a bit while they gave him puppy kisses.

Daddy? Did we kill you? We will kiss you and make you all better!

Puppy kisses restore Daddy Boy to life. You can tell by the twitching of the giant leg.

And Franco tells his Daddy how much he looks up to him. Will I be as big as you one day? doG ... let's hope not!

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