Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flight of the Phoenix

Two baby Ridgebacks flew to Newfoundland yesterday but we only saw the evidence of one's arrival. Today we get to see how Luke made out starting his new life as a Newfie. He handled the flight really well and even took some time out in the car to offer kisses to his New Mommy Stephanie. These puppies sure love to kiss! It's okay when their tongues are small ... when they are the size of your hand is when the kisses need to be dialed back a bit.

Luke doesn't know it yet but he has a lot of The Rock to explore. I'm sure his new mommy will be happy to oblige. He is also going to learn to be a show dog ... watch out Newfoundland! Luke has hit the show scene ... or will in a few months. He has such a great attitude I am sure he will do very well and with a dedicated Mommy to show him the ropes I have high hopes he will do us all very proud.

 Luke is also the only puppy (so far) to arrive in his new home to a familiar face. The resident Ridgeback Dallas welcomed Luke with lots of gentle play. I am really impressed, most RRs are all "What is THIS you have brought into my home?" but Dallas was all play and friendship from the start. They are going to be the very best of friends. Dallas can show him all the great places to explore just as she has already shown him the best places to sleep ... the couch. No doubt.  

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