Sunday, August 7, 2011

Walk the Line

Puppy number three made his way to a new home ... again to The Annapolis Valley. It's going to be quite the Ridgeback hot spot! Cash - after The Man in Black of course - was welcomed into his new family with a new dog blanket and Boy and Leeloo were bribed to let him go with milkbones and Dentabones ... both happily wished Cash on his way and demanded more treats. Boy was especially on his good behaviour and showed everyone what a loving, sweet, kissy boy he is ... I'm sure his son will be no different. Leeloo, once the treats were out of sight, settled down to telling me just exactly what she thought about the delay in going for a walk with some growly chat and a little insistent barking. It's great that a family gets to see what their handsome young puppy will become!

Cash is also going to be the 'horse dog' I always wished my dogs could be(and still plan on). His new mom Jill has an Andalusian (who is gorgeous - I've seen the photos) and Cash gets to run along side on rides through the beautiful Valley when he's big enough to keep up.

It was great to meet this loving family and I haven't a doubt that Cash is in the right hands. I can already see they have fallen down, down, down into the burning ring of fire.

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