Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bitter Sweet

A bitter sweet day for me, a sweet day for two families who added gorgeous baby Ridgebacks to their lives. After a traumatic morning of being microchipped, having their nails trimmed and being photographed 'for the record' Delta and Franco headed off to their new homes. Each are headed to The Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, a really pretty orchard and tidal area and I loved it when I attended the Canning dog show a couple times.

Derreck, Laurie and Emily added Delta to their home today - Delta was Miss Orange and she even got to keep her color with her shiny new collar. Emily is only three and both puppy and child took to each other like ducks to water. I was very impressed that Emily wasn't at all intimidated when she met The Boy and Leeloo and carefully fed all the dogs treats thoughtfully provided by the family. Okay - correction, Leeloo made a nuisance of herself ... TREATS. Emily was determined Delta know her name already and Delta obliged by coming every time she was called.

Delta was a star, she explored, kissed, coveted her new Kong toy, visited with everyone, demonstrated how good she is at peeing on the floor, and generally showed what an inquisitive, smart, stable puppy should be.  Derreck joked that although he tells Emily she's 'his girl' that maybe with the new addition Delta would now be 'his girl'. I'm sure there is room for both young ladies!

Laurie is also expecting a baby and I am always a little worried about sending a puppy home with a family who will be dealing with the stress of a new child but I am very sure Delta is in good hands. Hope the new baby likes big puppies!

Derreck is smitten with his new 'little girl' and I am quite sure it won't take long for her to be smitten too. I hope you both like cuddles, kisses and being adored!

Franco is headed to the Annapolis Valley as well but not quite so far along the shoreline. He is now the handsome boy of Carolyne and Bill who are excited to add this naughty little guy to their home. Franco had a way to go for their drive home so he obliged by pooping in my livingroom once and peeing three times! Guess it's important to get it all out of his system here since he won't be allowed to do that in his new house. Fortunately he's a smart cookie and won't take long to house train. He was a little unclear why he was alone in the room with just his mom and me and these two people but once we got outside on the grass he was all joy and weed eating. And rocks. I'm sure Bill and Carolyne have lots of rocks and weeds for him to eat at their house. He's also going to be just down the road from his brother Cash so hopefully they will be able to meet up sometimes and compare notes over who has the best home ... you know how sibling rivalry gets. Maybe Delta will be invited too since she's not that far away either - obviously the big brothers have to check up on their sister. Best of luck and much joy to both Delta and Franco and their new families, I am delighted you are now a part of this family too.

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