Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Water's Edge

Pictures from Cape Breton coming right up. It's only the middle bit with this huge lake but it's pretty spectacular just the same. That there is the hind end of my parent's motorhome making its way down one of many hills we encountered. Beyond you can see the Canso Causeway, a land bridge we have to cross to get to Cape Breton.

This is the bridge that allows the water to pass from one side of the causeway to the other, it also opens up to allow boats to go through. Given the "come visit Cape Breton" hype you'd think they'd pretty it up a bit - a few cans of paint wouldn't go amiss here.

Something I didn't expect. A canal with a one lane bridge. You had to stop at the light and let the oncoming traffic cross, then green means go. There is an actual canal that runs under this bridge and allows boats to travel from the Atlantic to the Bras d'Or lake. This bridge could also use a coat of paint.

The lakes, or rather, lake that makes up a large part of Cape Breton is very, very large and very, very long. It runs almost the entire length of the island - it's hard to get away from water here! It is 100km long and 50km wide and is entirely salt water ...just an interesting little factoid for you.

Here's the top of another hill and the back end of the motorhome again. I memorized the back of that motorhome for the bulk of my drive up. The lake is off in the distance there and this is about halfway up the lake - only another 50km to go! 

And that is the south-eastern most side of the Bras d'Or Lake region of Cape Breton on the way to Glace Bay which is literally the end of this road. I hear they are planning on making the road a major highway in the coming years as the final extension of the Trans Canada Highway ... that will certainly encourage more people to visit. Certainly the scenery is enough to encourage people to go ... although in winter I bet the roads are some kind of treacherous!

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