Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crimson Tide

The tides is going out. Leeloo is done with her heat which means Raimi can be near his girl again. However just because Leeloo and I know this, it doesn't necessarily translate to The Boy realizing that the show is over. Leeloo has had to demonstrate the 'bitch' side of her personality to get it through his thick skull that his advances are unwelcome. She would roar at him and look at me waiting for the reprimand for her nasty behaviour and I just tell her "You go girl, he's not going to get it unless you are clear and direct."

Raimi, for all I love about him, is just like any other boy governed by his hormones. When Leeloo told him enough is enough he just got more excited. I had to intervene a few times to tell him to piss off and leave her be, that only worked for a short while and then he was at the poking and licking again. Then we were back to Leeloo telling him off with the gnashing of teeth and snarls. Thankfully this stage only lasted a short while and the house has once again settled into relative peace. This weekend, once I am sure she is well clear of the hormone shedding, I'll give them both a bath and bid adieu to the house of hormones until at least late winter, then, as long as all health testing comes clear, Raimi's dearest wish will come true. My house will be like Disneyland for him ... a scary scary thought.

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