Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

I had to change the linens on the bed and it's never a fun task - the only thing that makes it tolerable is knowing that night I will be slipping into a fresh, clean bed. Often the cats play under sheets while I trying to tug it all flat, this time, however, I had a bigger problem.

We had been for a walk and the dogs were in nap mode and census said the couch wasn't good enough. It started with Raimi who normally naps on the bed after our walk and while his mournful gaze and hovering presence was not a surprise but it did slow things up a bit.  I managed to get the sheets on but as soon as that was done he figured the time was ripe to get settled. Moments after he got cozy Leeloo threw herself down next to him. I still needed to put the duvet into the cover ... hmmmm.

Esme didn't stay long because I was fluffing and smoothing and generally making sleep impossible. The Ridgebacks refused to shift themselves regardless of what I did. In the end they slept under the comforter for about a half hour until they got too hot, as I knew they would. During that time Esme was in quite a state because she couldn't find the Ridgebacks, and even when I showed her where they were she spent quite some time whining and looking for them. They are her 'flock' and if she can't see them or find them ... well, she just needs to look in the bed. Duh.

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