Friday, September 3, 2010

Dawn Patrol

I love silhouette photos. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's because they represent what balance in the universe means to me. A silhouette reminds me that in order to have dark there must be light and for something to shine there must be shadow.

Often the most difficult aspect of photographing against the sun is maintaining detail in the subject, if that is the intent. I love the highlight in The Boy's eye, it makes him seem bright and curious - a state of being uncommon for him.

A black dog against a sun ... that is a true challenge to light! Fortunately she had her tongue out otherwise this would just be a blob of fuzzy black in the middle of the photo. Can you tell this dog is 100 different kinds of naughty?

Leeloo pauses to listen for squirrels. This photo actually speaks to me of movement rather than stillness, perhaps it's because this is her 'spring into action' pose just a moment before dashing into the bushes to teach a squirrel a lesson.

The Boy at dawn. The sun touches his back, grass tickles his belly, the ground rises up to meet his every step and the wind brings him scents of a day just begun ...

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