Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Shining Season

The mornings now are quite cool and brisk. Hard to imagine just 10 days ago it was 24 degrees at 7am and so humid you couldn't breathe without sweating. The Fall weather has taken over and the dogs are loving it. There must be more creature activity in Autumn because these mornings there is much nose twitching, wrinkle making, and bright eyes looking for something to chase. I'm sure the same can be said for the critters the dogs are in pursuit of ... except the chasing part - their's would be more of a 'run for your lives' activity.

Much smashing through bushes occurred today, a woodland occupant must have been on the move and quite recently. The dogs rarely forget where they saw or smelled something marvelous and I have to watch that they don't bolt ahead if we do a return (instead of a loop) because they remember on the way back what was interesting on the way in.

Today there was a lot of standing and sniffing the air too, I don't mind the sniffing, but the headlong dash into the woods always makes me nervous. They can 'see' things I can't and since the entire province is pretty much woods, having them disappear after an invisible target into the bracken can be a bit worrying. A quick call to 'come' usually gets them returning fairly satisfied with themselves and they are always eager for the next pursuit.

As the days grow shorter the walks will get cooler but knowing these guys they won't mind, the cooler it is the more they run and the more they run the more they sleep. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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