Friday, September 24, 2010


Leeloo and Raimi are like peas in a pod. Rarely are they ever found more than 50 feet from each other on a walk and that is stretching it. The clinging is mostly done by Raimi. Leeloo is Raimi's girl, plain and simple. At a show recently a Ridgeback owner brought over his two males and insisted that he 'knew' Ridgebacks well enough to know how to handle Raimi who was low-growling a threat to the two males - he said Raimi didn't mean anything by it and that his dogs were fine. I tactfully shut Raimi away - I don't need a dog fight between three 100+ lb dogs.

I know my Boy and I knew that he was very unhappy that there were two boy Ridgebacks anywhere near his girl - particularly since she was in heat at the time. Never mind that Leeloo told them to get the hell away from her pen and out of her eyeline. It drove home the point that Raimi sees Leeloo as his girl, and not just when she is in heat.  Nothing and nobody will come between them.  Except maybe a little sunlight.

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